Gallery selected for Season of Usability 2009

The Gallery project has been selected as one of 10 open source projects that will get help from a usability student from June through August 2009. Applications from interested students are accepted until May 20. More information is available at This year, we are interested in learning more about our users, so possible projects include user research activities such as surveys, interviews, creating user groups and personas, and competitive analysis.

More specifically, we'd like to accompany the release of Gallery3 with a thorough user survey that would help us get a better feel for who our users are, what they use Gallery for, and how Gallery 3 compares to earlier versions of Gallery (and other products) from a user's perspective.

The resulting data will be a huge help in further step-by-step improving the user experience of Gallery after the release of Gallery3. As a student in this program, your job would be to design, set up, and run the survey and analyze the received data. Additionally, this process should be reusable for future iterations of Gallery.

If you have any questions or feedback about this, or would like to apply to work on this project, please let use know!