Gallery Developer Conference 2011: Mission Complete

The 2011 Gallery Developer Conference ended last weekend in Atlanta, and we had a blast while getting a lot done. Your donations paid for room and board while we talked about all things Gallery and hacked a bit on Gallery 3. Some notes were written on the walls, a few photos were taken, and the end results are some things you're going to like:

  • Much progress was made on Gallery 3.0.2 (Codenamed 'Coldlanta' after the unusually pleasant Atlanta weather). From it's roadmap there is currently just one ticket to go which is a permission model change that should make a lot of people happy!
  • We pushed all other tickets back to a "3.2" release and selectively pulled things into 3.1. Gallery 3.1 is focusing on things that users and themers have asked for, and it's roadmap is looking pretty reasonable. Expect momentum here to pick up as soon as 3.0.2 is out.
  • Lots of wiki 'cruft' on the wiki on this domain was removed or moved over to, and a lot of maintenance was done on existing content to make it easier to find some things people often are looking for.

Whether it's via IRC, in the forums, or in the Gallery 3 issue tracker, please keep your feedback coming! Every change we make to Gallery 3 is a direct response to something you need.