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I am customising my Gallery3 which so far is working well. I am now trying to add some design elements such as a small graphic in the footer, my webhosting logo for example. Where do I store such graphics and which path should I use to grab it in the src reference ofmyimg tag? I have tried putting nameofmyimage.png in the mytheme/images folder but am unable to display it using am img ref of src="images/nameofmyimage.png" or permutations thereof.

Any clues much appreciated.
Many thanks!!
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Admin -> appearance -> theme options
<img src="" height=100 width=200> to the footer text
That is the simple way.

If you want to get more complex then you can use a lib/images folder:
<?= url::file("lib/images/logo.png") ?>
Use firefox and the web develper tool to help with viewing image info if it doe snot show. Then look at the paths it gives you to add more info as needed.

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Thanks for your prompt response floridave! I shall live on the edge and attempt the more complex solution.



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thanks for the help
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