Is it possible to do it with Gallery


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Posted: Tue, 2009-02-10 10:04

Hi everybody.
Because of digital photographie getting bigger and everyone of the family now has to have his or hers own camera (I´m waiting for the dog to get one ;) ), I decided to bring up something like a "sharing" point for family photos. I remembered gallery2 which I had a very small look at 2 or 3 years ago. I had a look now and think that I can do most things I want to do, but I´m not sure about some things and how Gallery handles them. I just list what I thought of and I would be happy and thankfull if you would tell me if it´s possible or not (I think it is because it´s not "out of the world stuff" but I want to be sure before I dive into Gallery and maybe drown ;) ).

1. User accounts (possible)
2. Upload difficulty at Online-Email-Account level (possible)
3. zip-file upload (possible)
4. auto convert uploaded pictures to set size and auto-watermark (possible)
5. now: is it possible that: if I uploaded a zip-file (with the orignal sized pictures) that this file is stored in a folder I want (after resizing) and to place a "Download whole Album" button on each "Album Site", so if they want to download the album at once they can?!
6. the pictures shown in the albums are approx 1024x768. Is it possible to download the original sized picture by klicking on the "big thumbnail". If it is, do I have to store the orig picture within the album too, or is it possible to leave it in the zip file?

Thats it. Very easy and simple "wishes". Thanks for your answer.