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Posted: Mon, 2007-04-23 13:51

Well, this is a general Chit-Chat subforum, so i hope this topic is allowed. If not, please remove it! :)

I'm having much feelings, feelings of that i want to start an Open Source project. A few months ago, i had to work for 4 months. This was for school, something called "stage" in the netherlands. Stage is to get experience of working in a company. I'm doing an IT education so i chose to work at a webdevelopers company. And for 4 months, i have done 2 things. I created a huge system like myspace, but for hockey lovers (dont ask me why!). And i've sweated my ass of by learning how to create Gallery2 Modules!

I'm still busy with learning G2 module dev while im not at the stage for 2 months anymore. But because if this, my will to make a nice OpenSource system has only grown stronger! I always wanted to create something, but now its extremely high :>

But for 2 months already, im facing a huge problem... What to make? O_O

I ask you guys, what would you guys like to see developed in OpenSource form? (webbased: PHP-MySQL)

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