FTP server Just like Gallery


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Posted: Tue, 2006-04-18 03:07

Ok.. So as I'm sure with everyone else, gallery is super awsome. so far NO probs.. Nothing.. It's great. Ok, so I've been working on another project along all the rest of the 500 of them I've been working on. But using gallery as an engine but redesigning it to be a FTP server. Share files, folders or whatever. I love the feeling I get from gallery. The users registration to the way the files are uploaded and managed. I've been looking and looking and I haven't found anything that comes close or can even do what I want it to do. It would be a first by far. The code is already there! Just change it a tad.. slap a new look to it and I'd bow to you you once again. And idea's? If not anyway to make my own code?