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Posted: Tue, 2005-09-27 04:13

Welcome to the Market Place: Services forum! This is a place for you to buy and sell Gallery related services. There are a few simple rules that we ask you to abide by:

1. The Gallery project claims no responsibility for anything that you buy or sell because of information found in this forum. Caveat emptor. We're just providing this forum as a means of facilitating the process.

2. The people who buy and sell stuff here have not been verified by the Gallery team in any way. You (the buyer or seller) should perform any/all due diligence necessary to verify that you're getting what you expect.

3. Please only offer Gallery related services here. Other stuff can and will be deleted without notice by the moderators. Spam will be deleted. The spammer's account will probably also be deleted. If you're unsure about the rule ask ahead of time.

4. Use a descriptive subject line! Provide lots of details and links to more information so that people can get the most out of your posting without having to go back and forth with you to get more details.

5. Do not make offensive posts and comments! Moderators will delete them. If you're having a problem with a specific post, you can notify a moderator with a private message and we'll act upon it.

Thanks for being a good citizen in our community!