Graphics Toolkits Benchmarking

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Posted: Tue, 2004-09-14 10:46


Some months ago I benchmarked Netpbm/ImageMagick/GraphicsMagick, now I expanded my tests to include the latest IM 6 version and also GD2, since we have a gd module in Gallery2.

The results can be seen here:

Interesting fact is that GD takes much longer than ImageMagick (probably because it has to load the jpeg into some "generic" truecolor data structure in memory). Another interesting fact is that I could not make GraphicsMagick to keep the Exif-Profile. Anyone knows a switch to accomplish that? Keeping Exif in netpbm would require an additional call to jhead, I will add this later on.

I probably don't have that good eyes, but I cannot see much difference in the quality of the generated resizes/thumbnails. Anyone has a comment on that? Maybe we should test another image, if someone has a nice .jpeg which is ideal for testing, send it over!

There is a "imagick" PHP extention, which uses ImageMagick-library to do image manipulation without calling the imagemagick/graphicsmagick binary. I have managed to compile this into PHP, as soon as I rewrite my benchmarking framework in PHP, I will test this too, maybe we can create a "imagick" module in G2 too, if it's worth it.