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Posted: Fri, 2014-08-08 19:25

Suddenly can't upload pictures to my gallery. Any ideas why? Here is the info:

in modules\core\classes\GalleryDataItem.class at line 178 (GalleryCoreApi::error)
in modules\core\classes\GalleryPhotoItem.class at line 104 (GalleryDataItem::create)
in modules\core\classes\helpers\GalleryItemHelper_medium.class at line 148 (GalleryPhotoItem::create)
in modules\core\classes\GalleryCoreApi.class at line 1668 (GalleryItemHelper_medium::addItemToAlbum)
in modules\core\ at line 99 (GalleryCoreApi::addItemToAlbum)
in modules\core\ at line 159 (ItemAddFromBrowser::handleRequest)
in ??? at line 0 (ItemAddController::handleRequestWithProgressBar)
in modules\core\classes\GalleryTemplateAdapter.class at line 1089
in g2data\smarty\templates_c\%%2553998678\matrix\%%3A^3A8^3A818B59%%theme.tpl.php at line 75 (GalleryTemplateAdapter::trailer)
in lib\smarty\Smarty.class.php at line 1255
in modules\core\classes\GallerySmarty.class at line 61 (Smarty::fetch)
in modules\core\classes\GalleryTemplate.class at line 241 (GallerySmarty::fetch)
in main.php at line 506 (GalleryTemplate::display)
in main.php at line 104
in main.php at line 88

Gallery version (not just "2"):
PHP version (e.g. 5.1.6):
PHPInfo Link (see FAQ):
Webserver (e.g. Apache 1.3.33):
Database (e.g. MySql 5.0.32):
Activated toolkits (e.g. NetPbm, GD):
Operating system (e.g. Linux):
Browser (e.g. Firefox 2.0):

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Posted: Sat, 2014-08-09 18:38

You may need to clear your template cache
FAQ: How can I clear cached data?

also you can have gallery run a check to see if everything is ok by running the upgrader up to step 2 "system checks"

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