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at first sry for my bad language, i hope everyone can understand me :P
i'm looking for a module which added a link/button under each photo, if someone click on this link/button my default mail program (for ex. lotus notes/thunderbird ...) open and you can send the photo as an mail to someone.

i found some moduls in the download section, but not the right one.
maybe someone could help me

greetz pi0h

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Posted: Thu, 2014-06-05 13:33
is as close to a module as I can see that does close to what your after.

Another option is to install the
and in the description of the item(s) add:
<a href="">Link text</a>
mailto: HTML e-mail link


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I think the OP wants to send the picture to anybody (not the owner like contactowner would). I'm pretty sure there was a postcard module (or something like it) a long time ago, way back when there were only a dozen or so modules for G3. I just can't see it in the modules list.

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Add this to themes/YOURTHEME/views/photo.html.php:

<div id="g-info">
    <h2><?= t("Recommend photo to friend") ?></h2>
    <div><a href="mailto:?SUBJECT=<?= t("I want to recommend you this photo: ") ?><?= html::purify($item->title) ?>&BODY=<?= t("You can check it out here:  ") ?><?= url::abs_site("items/{$item->id}") ?>" target="_blank"><?= t("Send email") ?></a></div>