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Posted: Sat, 2014-05-17 11:39

I don't know if Gallery is the correct software for my problem, but I'm searching for a tool which can manage my textures which I use in 3D objects.

I've about 45.000 original textures (in jpg, png and tga format) in several formats like 512x512px, 1024x1024px, 2048x2048px 4096x4096px and the original picture. And these textures contain all kind of images like clouds, flowers, mosaics, walls, wood, metals, clothing, furniture, etc.
At this moment I've stored every texture in a directory hierarchy and named every texture with the following format: wall_tr_topkapi_sm_tr_XXXXX_2048.png (1) wall, 2) tr countrycode (turkey), 3) small description/keyword (from topkapi), 4) types of texture (seamless or not, tr = transparent, often also a color code), unique serial number, format in pixels.

Further each 3D-object (about 3000) is stored as a zip file with the object (in DAE, OBJ, 3DS, etc.) and one or more pictures of it to visualize it.

First I want to group the textures by format/size but also by object (I've 5 textures used for an object like a chair/table/etc.), second I want to search them by tags/keywords/object (and if possible this is represented by albums) and third I want to link tags to each other, in my example topkapi is the same as mughal/iznik/etc. But mughal is not equal to topkapi because there is also an Indian variant of it.
And last, is it possible to store the 3D-object (as ZIP-file) in Gallery showing the picture and also tagging the used textures.

At this moment I use Gallery2, but searching with tags or multiple keywords is not convenient because it gives all results (flower+red gives all flowers and images with the keyword red, while I only want red flowers).