Select Multiple Images for Tagging?


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Posted: Thu, 2013-10-03 15:13

I am trying to find a way in G3 to do something similar to how in G2 you could pull up a screen to edit/tag info on multiple images. So far I cannot find a way or a module to assist with this, so I am hoping I am just overlooking something obvious.

Here is a typical scenario:
Photogs upload 100 photos to a newly created album called "Fall Farm". The farm is agritourism business that sells pumkins in the fall and Christmas trees in December. The photogs take lots of photos for their shoot that entails both pumpkins and Christmas trees but not always both in the same shot. Let us say 40 of the photos are of pumpkins, 40 show Christmas tree farming, and 20 show general farm things (tractors, horses, etc..).
At upload time, the photog could tag the newly created album and all the photos in it with things like the farm's name, location, maybe the farmer's name, etc... However if they also add "pumpkin" then about half the photos in that album will be tagged incorrectly since the "Christmas tree" shots do not have pumpkins.

Gallery 2 had a way to pull up an edit screen that showed sequential listing of photos in an album. They could be prepopulated at upload with the "generic" tags for the album, then as you scrolled through the listings you could add specific appropriate tags as needed (ie "Christmas tree" for the tree pics, and "pumpkin" for the pumpkin pics) without having to do individual photos or blanket an entire album with incorrect tags.

Is there a way to select multiple photos to apply tags to, but not apply them to an entire album?

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Posted: Thu, 2013-10-03 16:11

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Posted: Thu, 2013-10-03 18:16

That looks like it might do just what I need. I have about 4K images to go from the image rebuild I started last week. Hopefully it will end sometime late this afternoon. Once it does, I will add in that module and see how it goes (after 6 days of rebuilding I am nervous to make any changes/additions until it is finished up). Thanks for the suggestion!