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Posted: Wed, 2013-08-14 17:22

I have gallery set up on right now (which is currently my "testing" domain that I use before purchasing a new domain name and using that.

If I have gallery set up on my current domain, can I easily transfer everything over to my new domain?


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Posted: Wed, 2013-08-14 19:05

SHOULD be easy to do.

Install Gallery on the new server (or just under the new domain's folder, if you're using the same server) and then copy over the var folder (leaving the old one in tact as a backup in case something doesn't work).

Also, if you're changing servers, you may need to copy over the database.


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Posted: Wed, 2013-10-02 11:18


Thanks for clarifying this. I'm new to Gallery (just saw it on my account's Softaculous panel) and was just considering giving it a shot for a school project I have in mind. I was wondering about the same thing (wanted to test it on another server before actually making it live).

I guess the process would be similar if I want it to go live on a subdomain. Anyway, thanks.

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Posted: Tue, 2013-10-08 16:07

I did this and initially couldn't get it to work until i copied over the database.