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I couldn't find any other suitable category to post in. I have Drupal as my website platform - is the gallery available for Drupal?


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Only for Gallery2 http://codex.gallery2.org/Integration

Gallery3 has no Embed API as of yet, but there are some ways to visually display your G3 in external pages.

This question has been asked/answered many many times, please search before asking.

All New jQuery Minislideshow for G2/G3


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State of Play (September 2012):

Gallery 2
Automatic integration available for Drupal 4, Drupal 5, Drupal 6 and for Drupal 7.
Semi Automatic integration available for Drupal 8a.

No integration available for any version of Drupalb.

a Get Drupal HTML and embed G2 using this tool.
b Limited manual integration possible as with any two sites.


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I want to integrate my gallery with drupal too, if I put it in an iframe, will that affect the way my gallery is indexed?

Or I want to put a direct link towards my gallery yet when people click the link I want them to see the gallery through my drupal.


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Depending on your situation the following might be an okay solution.

Using Drupal's Feeds and Feeds Media module you can periodically import the latest images from a gallery using it's rss feed.

The good thing is that it fits nicely with the Media module and thus any other media on your site. Because it is imported in your website you have complete freedom in thumbnail sizes etc.

The bad thing is that this is a proces you need to run periodically (preverably using a real cron job) and you duplicate data. Also at the moment you need to create nodes that contain the media, you can't just create the media directly. See the following issue: