Development status of G1, G2 , G3


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Posted: Fri, 2011-12-16 06:43

Were looking at integrating a version of Gallery into a customized hosted offering.
I'm wondering what the current development status and expectations for the 3 version of Gallery.
I've used Gallery 1 and 2 extensively and am testing out G3. G3 looks very nice but so far it appears to be missing much of the 3rd party support that G2 and G1 have. Perhaps thats a matter of time.

If we were to invest in a development effort for a product that hopefully might last years, any suggestions on what version to go with ?
Are all three versions being actively developed or is G3 the leading edge ?

Any suggestions welcome.

-David Lee

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Posted: Fri, 2011-12-16 12:35

G3 is the only version being actively developed although there are some of us still in G2 land.

G3 does not yet have an embed API - slated for v.3.1.
G2 is the way to go on that front. I have some free tools to help.
G2 will continue to be supported for the coming years as I am also using it in many new projects.

FlashYourWeb and Your Gallery with The E2 XML Media Player for Gallery2


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Posted: Fri, 2011-12-16 13:37

To summarise the support statuses:

G1: Developer->Nil, Community->Nil*
G2: Developer->Nil**, Community->YES
G3: Developer->YES, Community->YES

*G1 was spun off as a separate project called Jallery. This however is inactive. The current available community support is largely in the form of assistance for migration to G3.

**Serious security issues will likely be fixed. Note however the track record of the so called "Menalto" gallery since G1 was released, two security notifications in 10+ years up to late 2011 and after hundreds of thousands of installations as compared with Zenphoto for instance with far fewer installations and 11 serious security holes, including a recent nasty one still doing the rounds, in half that time.

So if developer support/activity is important to you, G3 is the way to go.
As said however, some of us are firm G2 fans and expect to remain so for the foreseeable future.