Gallery2 to Gallery3 migration questions & help

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Posted: Wed, 2011-08-17 04:07


I've spend the last few hours installing Gallery3 and running the import. Everything went smoothly, but there are a couple of issues that I wasn't able to find answers for in the forums.

My setup ( :
I run the gallery2 as a host for a self-hosted Wordpress blog ( The way I set it up, which I later realized was far from ideal, is that the photos on the blog point to the resized images with a link to the gallery for larger size (500px width, vertical or horizontal). This allowed me to post the best images in the album on the blog with a link to a larger resize with the usual gallery links to the rest the album (+slideshow).

Now, this seems to pose an issue for the upgrade, since from what I could see there is no backward compatibility in terms of the way resizes are being created (URL path, etc.) Am I correct? have I missed something?

The second issue has to do with importing permissions. There are lots of albums and singular photos within albums in my gallery that are hidden from the world ("everybody" group). Is there no way of importing these?

I fear I might be stuck with the gallery2 option forever. What options do I have with this type of setup?

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