Setting up Location and name for thumbs


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Posted: Wed, 2011-08-10 11:01

Good morning i am new to Gallery 3 and also PHP :)

Is it possible (by change something in PHP or in setup) to set up the location off where the thumb is created and set the prefix to use in thumbs so that i can set a global gallery location in with it will be separated by album but with the thumb in the same location.

- Galleries
- Galleries/Album1
- Galleries/Album1/IMG1.jpg
- Galleries/Album1/thumb_IMG1.jpg
- Galleries/Album1/IMG2.jpg
- Galleries/Album1/thumb_IMG2.jpg
- Galleries/Album2
- Galleries/Album2/IMG1.jpg
- Galleries/Album2/thumb_IMG1.jpg
- Galleries/Album2/IMG2.jpg
- Galleries/Album2/thumb_IMG2.jpg