Web Hosting Referrals

Note: this page is only here as a historical reference. We no longer maintain a list of recommended web hosting providers. Instead, see the 'Hosting Partner' block on the right hand side of every page

Below are hosts which have been confirmed to offer "out-of-the-box" compatibility with Gallery 3 at the time our initial testing. Hosting companies do change policies, servers and even ownership over time, so your actual experience may vary.

Please use the links provided here when visiting these hosting companies. These links are coded affiliate links - when you use them, the hosting company kicks back a little cash to us and you help support the Gallery project. We appreciate it!

Hosts with confirmed Gallery Compatibility:

  • Cirtex Hosting *G2 auto-installer (50% off first payment with coupon "galleryhost")
  • DreamHost *G2 auto-installer
  • ThinkHost (use coupon code oak_6c13d25a for $30 off)
  • Hostupon *G3 auto-installer (use coupon code Gallery25 for 25% off)

More about using our affiliates:

Gallery is provided free of charge -- the Gallery team is not in this for profit. We support the open source forum for software development. However, we do have operating costs - our own server space, for example. The affiliate fees will help us to cover some of our costs.