Top Feature Requests: Help

Top feature requests are the submissions users such as you submit and vote on, to be considered for addition to future versions of Gallery. You must login to your Gallery account to be able to cast votes.

You may add your own feature requests or bug reports by using the respective tools on SourceForge, which will be made available for voting on this website within six hours.

You may vote for any feature at any time, and assign it a value between +5 and -2. You are assigned a quota of votes to assign as you wish, which is based upon your post count in the forums and how long you have been a member on this site.

Using the 'my votes' page you may view your current votes, and if you wish, take them off of a feature so that they may be reassigned. The association of posts and member-age to number of available votes is also listed on this page.

If a feature is removed or fulfilled from the list, your votes will be returned to you.

It is very helpful to know what you are interested in, but a feature will make it in when a developer not working on something else is interested in working on it and does the work. If a particular feature is very important to you, consider pitching in your own programming skills or asking in the "Marketplace - Services" section of the forums.