Request Gallery3 module: Custom fields - paid work


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Posted: Thu, 2010-05-06 08:29


We are looking for a developer creating the Custom fields module as listed here: (it's #12). Expected functionality:

A) Administrator role:
1 - Possibility to define text fields and drop-down fields with their caption. (To be discussed: other field types/restrictions)
2 - Possibility to define which of the custom fields are mandatory for input.
3 - Possibility to define in what context(s) the field (editable) or its value (read-only) will be displayed. (Photo, Album, Upload, Thumbnail view, Search)
4 - Possibility to arrange the order of the fields for each context.

B) User role:
1 - Search the gallery (Search module) has to search also in the fields defined as search-able (defined in A3) - maybe needs an adaption of the search module
2 - Next to the search field a link "Advanced" has to take the user to an advanced search field.
3 - The advanced search has to provide a simple yet useful multiple term search (for example: Photographer Name is "Robert Doisneau" AND Location is "Paris") [To be defined]

Applicants please send me a PM with the following information:
- Experience with Gallery3
- Estimated time for implementation and testing
- Expected hourly rate
- References

Currently the process in our company is at the evaluation stage. Once we have the applications, we will get the OK from the management for the funding. Management will also have to agree on open-sourcing the result of the work, thus giving the module back to the community. This is clearly our goal, but we don't know yet the management's position. In case of an open-source product, the Gallery developers will be happy to give lots of help / guidance.

Once we have the OKs and the budget, we'll come back to the applicants with an improved definition of the requirements.


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Posted: Thu, 2010-10-07 07:53

For everybody's information, G3 is now officially out and we are still looking for a developer willing to get money for his work.