Wpg2 sidebar block and sidebar grid error


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Posted: Thu, 2008-08-07 22:14

I get this error on the sidebar of my wordpress site. In gallery core the file modules/imageframe/templates/containers/ImageFrame.tpl exists.

Can somebody help?

At first the problem was with both sideber block and sidebar grid block but after I've made some changes (don't remember what) It's a problem only with sidebar block.


Array ( [blocks] => |randomImage [show] => |owner [exactSize] => 150 [itemFrame] => none [albumFrame] => none ) Error (ERROR_BAD_PARAMETER) : Smarty error: The template 'modules/imageframe/templates/containers/ImageFrame.tpl' does not exist.

* in modules/core/classes/GallerySmarty.class at line 76 (GalleryCoreApi::error)
* in modules/core/classes/GalleryTemplate.class at line 442 (GallerySmarty::trigger_error)
* in ??? at line 0 (GalleryTemplate::resourceGetTemplate)
* in lib/smarty/Smarty.class.php at line 1559
* in lib/smarty/Smarty.class.php at line 1414 (Smarty::_fetch_resource_info)
* in lib/smarty/Smarty.class.php at line 1866 (Smarty::_compile_resource)
* in modules/core/classes/GalleryTemplateAdapter.class at line 1020 (Smarty::_smarty_include)
* in /home/maxjackl/gallery2_base_data/maxjackl_com_gallery/smarty/templates_c/%%1881280404/siriuxmax/%%F8^F83^F83143E6%%wpg2imageblock.tpl.php at line 43 (GalleryTemplateAdapter::container)
* in lib/smarty/Smarty.class.php at line 1262
* in modules/core/classes/GallerySmarty.class at line 61 (Smarty::fetch)
* in modules/core/classes/GalleryTemplate.class at line 219 (GallerySmarty::fetch)
* in /home/maxjackl/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wpg2/wpg2embed.inc at line 1383 (GalleryTemplate::fetch)
* in /home/maxjackl/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wpg2/wpg2embed.inc at line 965
* in /home/maxjackl/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wpg2/wpg2widgets.inc at line 26
* in ??? at line 0
* in /home/maxjackl/public_html/wp-content/themes/k2/app/classes/sbm.php at line 773
* in /home/maxjackl/public_html/wp-content/themes/k2/app/classes/sbm.php at line 685 (k2sbmModule::display)
* in /home/maxjackl/public_html/wp-content/themes/k2/app/classes/sbm.php at line 344 (k2sbmSidebar::display)
* in /home/maxjackl/public_html/wp-content/themes/k2/app/includes/sbm.php at line 40 (K2SBM::dynamic_sidebar)
* in /home/maxjackl/public_html/wp-content/themes/k2/sidebar.php at line 3
* in /home/maxjackl/public_html/wp-includes/theme.php at line 472
* in /home/maxjackl/public_html/wp-includes/general-template.php at line 28
* in /home/maxjackl/public_html/wp-content/themes/k2/index.php at line 28
* in /home/maxjackl/public_html/wp-includes/template-loader.php at line 27
* in /home/maxjackl/public_html/wp-blog-header.php at line 16
* in /home/maxjackl/public_html/index.php at line 17


Site address: http://maxjackl.com/
Gallery version :2.3 RC1
Installation type: multisite.
Wordpress version: 2.6
WPG2 version: 3.0.7
PHP version : 4.4.8 but I chose 5 in cPanel so I don't know.
PHPInfo Link (see FAQ): ??
Webserver : 2.2.9 (Unix)
Database : 5.0.45-community-log
Activated toolkits (e.g. NetPbm, GD): Almost all.
Operating system: Linux
Browser: Firefox 3.0.1

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Posted: Thu, 2008-08-07 22:30


Hmmm seen a subset of this error however it was resolved back in 3.06. Do you have some kind of Symbolic link to the ImageFrame.tpl? This was a work around back before I added support for G2.3. In the WPG2 Validation Tab do all the links validate fine?

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Posted: Fri, 2008-08-08 07:58

I don't have any symbolic link. I don't have shell access just FTP and cPanel (I could have it if I would want very much).

That's how it validates:
WPG2 Validation Check: Valid (Help)
1. Wordpress Compatible? - [ Success]
2. URI to Gallery2 Ok? - [Success]
3. Gallery2 can be located in G2 File Path? - [Success]
4. Gallery2 can be initialised? - [Success]
5. Gallery2 Version Compatible? - [Success]
6. Gallery2 Module: ImageBlock Active? - [Success]
7. Gallery2 Module: ImageBlock Version Compatible? - [Success]
8. Gallery2 Module: ImageFrame Active? - [Success]
9. Gallery2 to WPG2 Relative Path Validate? - [Success]
WPG2 Page Generation Rules: (View WPG2 Output Page »)
1. WPG2 Output Style? - [Look like a Wordpress Page]
2. WPG2 Gallery2 Rewrites Status? - [On]
3. Embedded Page is using what Header type? - [Simple]
4. Embedded Page is using what Footer type? - [Simple]
5. Using Which WPG2 Stylesheet? - [Internal]



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Posted: Tue, 2008-08-19 10:58

I've created two symlinks. One from gallery multisite modules folder pointing to core modules folder and one from wpg2 to point to core modules folder and it stll doesn't work.

added later: it does work!!!


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Posted: Mon, 2008-08-18 19:56

Actually these two symlinks worked.

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Posted: Tue, 2008-08-19 02:49

Ahh you using a multisite install? Hmmmm never tested that.. I can understand it failing as the paths back to G2 would be different per install

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Posted: Tue, 2008-08-19 10:59

Two symlinks help with multisite install.


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Posted: Tue, 2008-10-21 01:29

I got the same problem with Gallery 2.3 multisite and WPG2 3.0.7.

Although I only had to create the simlink from the gallery multisite folder i.e.

[~/public_html/gallery]# ln -s ../gallery23/modules .


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Posted: Wed, 2008-10-22 17:59

I have the same error since upgrading to Gallery v2.3 with WPG v3.0.7. As mentioned here a link to the modules folder in the master install works.


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Posted: Thu, 2008-11-20 21:07

same error here since upgrading to gallery 2.3.

Here's how I had to adjust things to get the sidebar blocks to show up. In WPG2 Paths configuration:
Gallery2 URL = Actual URL of the "sub" multi-site installation's gallery
Gallery2 file path = path to the core installation of Gallery 2.3, not one of the multisites
Gallery2 to WPG2 relative: The correct relative path to go from the Gallery 2 file path, to the location on disk of the "sub" multisite installation pointed to by the "Gallery2 URL" option

However, if i make these changes so the sidebar blocks show up, then clicking on the images to go to their actual page in the Gallery is totally screwed up as the CSS styles are referenced improperly. None of this was happening with my exact same multisite installation of Gallery 2.2

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Posted: Fri, 2008-12-19 02:56

I have exactly the same problem with Gallery 2.3 and WPG2 3.0.7. Using a shared host environment, and not being able to use a PHP file with an exec command inside it, I am going to try to use .htaccess redirection to solve this problem. If I get it to work I will post a fix, but it would be great if WPG2 could be updated to fix this. Would it not be a straightforward fix for WPG2 if it was fixed in 3.0.6? If so it would be greatly appreciated for it to be fixed, as I'm sure I'm not the only one that would appreciate it :-)

@Ozgreg, I would also be happy to beta test such a WPG2 update if the developer(s) is/are interested.