ImageMagick Errors on upgrade to v2 Windows/IIS - SOLVED

Andrew Bienhaus

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Posted: Thu, 2008-03-13 03:10

Hi guys,
Thanks in advance for any advice.

I've spent the last 4 hours reading here, googling, and changing hell knows what, to try and get ImageMagick working here with v224.

Win2k3, IIS6, sp'd to latest.
Latest ImageMagick as of today.
MySql working.

All is well, in fact we were running v1.4 of the gallery, and did the upgrade earlier today, to preceed the v2 gallery.
1.5.7 (I think is the ver) was working fine, and in fact is still running fine, using ImageMagick to resize things, etc. (tested)

Other things on this server also use it, to scramble visual login/reg clues, etc.
The v1 gallery is presently in a "g1" folder I made, just as described in the upgrade sheets.

v2.2.4 went in, fairly smoothly. SQL configured, and it's running.
All modules enabled, with a short list of "needing config".
ImageMagick being one of them.

I have been trying now for 4 hours.
You set the path: c:\ImageMagick (or any variant) hit save, and you get:
"The path you entered doesn't contain valid ImageMagick binaries. Use the 'test' button to check where the error is."
You test, and you get this:

identify Failed
Error messages:

Problem executing binary:


Loading plugin imagemagick
imagemagick plugin successfully instantiated
Check the version of the imagemagick plugin
The version of the imagemagick plugin is ok
Executing: cmd /c " "c:\ImageMagick\identify.exe"
2> "C:\GalleryData\Ed\tmp\g2d2D9.tmp" "
getParameter exec.expectedStatus for core plugin
Regular Output:
Error Output:
Status: 1 (expected 0)
tempnam(C:\GalleryData\Ed\tmp\, imgk_)
Executing: cmd /c " "c:\ImageMagick\convert.exe" "-size" "200x200"
"-geometry" "200x200"
"C:\GalleryData\Ed\tmp\img2DA.tmp" 2> "C:\GalleryData\Ed\tmp\g2d2DB.tmp" "
getParameter exec.expectedStatus for core plugin
Regular Output:
Error Output:
Status: 1 (expected 0)
tempnam(C:\GalleryData\Ed\tmp\, imgk_)
Executing: cmd /c " "c:\ImageMagick\composite.exe" "-geometry" "+0+0"
"C:\GalleryData\Ed\tmp\img2DC.tmp" 2> "C:\GalleryData\Ed\tmp\g2d2DD.tmp" "
getParameter exec.expectedStatus for core plugin
Regular Output:
Error Output:
Status: 1 (expected 0)

I have the cmd.exe permissions set.
Those already were, for the old version of Gallery.
Have tried permissions on the entire Gallery2 data folder.
(both IUSR and NETWORK)
TO no avail.

I ran filemon, and watched as some access failures happened for the network service, so I added additional permisions to get rid of those, and it still doesn't work.

I ran through the entire detailed install sheet for IIS6, including validating the PHP ISAPI dll connection in IIS, and still no joy.


I'm guessing it's a missed step, but I have read them all twice now.
I have tried all the postings here, plus Googled it to death.

A beer to the guy who gets me the solution! :)

The really annoying part, is that v1.5 is working fine... so what changed?


Andrew Bienhaus

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Posted: Thu, 2008-03-13 21:33

I think I have it.
And, as I guessed, it was something stupid.

But maybe I can summarize what following tests established.

cmd.exe does need read execute permissions for both IUSR and NETWORK SERVICE on the local machine.
(I had IUSR before for the older implementations of Gallery, but apparently for some reason, g2, invoked this new need, FileMon proved that)

ImageMagick folder, did (or at present does not) need read/execute permissions.
I believe the default "local users" is covering that. If you have removed that, you may need to make an exception here.

Your Gallery Storage folder, which in my case I put on the root of the Hard Drive.
It does appear to need both IUSR and NETWORK SERVICE write abilities.

Now, all the tools will activate, and turn green. :-)

The key was, NETWORK local service account is NOT the same as the NETWORK SERVICE local service account.
Leave it to a systems guy to miss that.
In all the examples above, it's the NETWORK SERVICE entry in the security dialog that I am talking about.

All the best, maybe someone can mark this as "solved"?

AndrewFAQ: I am having trouble configuring a graphics toolkit (ImageMagick, NetPBM or ffmpeg). Help?

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Posted: Tue, 2008-03-25 03:44

Andrew, thanks for updating with your solution!



(gratuitous link to my gallery! ~~ )


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Posted: Mon, 2008-05-05 12:19

Great help ! thanks Andrew