New interface for rearrange module


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Posted: Fri, 2007-05-11 16:22

Based upon the original rearrange module as delivered in the Gallery2 2.2.1 package and the DHTML code from Tim Taylor Consulting, I have created a new interface for this module. Sorting is done by drag-and-drop images from one spot to another. The dropped image will shift later image forward. The order is stored in a cookie until it's saved. Most likely this needs to have some finetuning when sorting different albums. Also I would prefer to return to containing album after clicking save.

Other enhancements:
- A-Z sorting button

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Thanks for this plugin it works fine after a quick test and is more fun/comfortable/web2.0 ;-) to use that the standard one. I am just surprised that there is no more comments on this thread.

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