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Posted: Wed, 2007-01-03 15:33

Relativenewbie integrating G2 into Joomla....G2 up andrunning as standalone. Bridge component, block and album modules installed. All (supposedly) configured. Added G2 Menu Item. G2 Menu is displaying properly but telling me "Your not on the Gallery embedded page". Gallery 2 Image Block is showing but telling me "Gallery 2 brige component is not yet configured!". Again, I have one into the configuration and it succesfully saved my path, etc. Any idea? Know it is something simple and caused by my newbieness. Is "newbieness" a word?


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"You're not on the gallery embedded page!" - This Message will be displayed if the module is loaded on a page without Gallery 2 being loaded. This module will only work if you are actually on the gallery page.
- Change the Page/Items in Modules > Site Modules > Gallery2 Sidebar from "All" to "mainmenu|Gallery2" for example

"Error (ERROR_CONFIGURATION_REQUIRED)" - This means you haven't installed or activate your gallery 2 image block module. Go to your gallery 2 admin in standalone and to the modules page. Find the "Image Block" module and either activate or install and activate it.



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Posted: Sat, 2007-06-02 01:40

Hello kai_tom

I am new on gallrey2

I have installed the gallery2 on but the joomla on at this condition can I use the gallry2 component? or should I install both joomla or gallery2 on the same level ? to solve the “Gallery 2 Bridge not yet configured! “ Issue ?



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Hi parabara,

you can use this condition but I would recommend to install Joomla and Gallery2 on the same level. I think it's easier to handle for backups, maintenance and further updates of Joomla or G2.
"Gallery 2 Bridge not yet configured!" means that the path to Gallery2 in the Component settings is not correct.
Check the Path to G2 and make sure it ends with "...embed.php" as this file needs to be included.


Walter Ego
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hi kai_tom,
I have installed Gallery 2 like a component with the normal procedure from Joomla backend.
I'm not able to find the g2directory.

Into "Component" folder there is com_gallery2 but there isn't embed.php file.

Can you suggest me the way to find the right URL and Path of G2?

Thank you
Walter Ego


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Posted: Fri, 2007-10-19 09:00

Hi Walter Ego,

you have to install Gallery2 itself first in the same way you have installed Joomla on your Webserver.
The component for Gallery2 is a bridge between Joomla and Gallery2. Joomla and Gallery2 are both stand-alone scripts.
Here a link to a description: