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» Vista Shadow «

Vista Shadow 1.0 32bit [vistashadow32bit.zip]
> Uses PNG 32 Files. Alpha Channel displays correctly in newer browsers; FireFox, IE7, etc
> 32bit is the Maximum Quality, however less compadible with older browsers.
~ Max Load Footprint: 5.09 KB (5,216 bytes) ~

Vista Shadow 1.0 8bit [Under Re-Design]
> Uses PNG 8 Bit+Alpha Files. Alpha Channel displays correctly in older browsers, such as IE 6, etc.
> 8bit is in a 'lossy' quality format, however it is compadible with older browsers. It's not much difference, but loss may be noticeable on a vivid/high contrast background.
~ Max Load Footprint: 5.14 KB (5,272 bytes) ~

Vista Shadow Carbon 1.0 [vistashadowcarbon.zip]
> Uses GIF, no transparency, rendered flat with the background color scheme of the popular Carbon gallery theme, by Mincell.
~ Max Load Footprint: 3.19 KB (3,267 bytes) ~

> One could batch convert the images from 'Vista Shadow 1.0 32bit [vistashadow.zip' to replace the alpha transparency for your customised template, if you do not want to use transparency and allow "old school browser support.
> Max Load Footprint, is the size (kB) of the files that would be loaded into a users browser. The .ZIP archive also includes a light GNU licence .txt (2kb approx), thus, the .ZIP archives are larger than Max Load Footprint.

Standard Installation Directory:

Any Comments/Feedback?

- Brody

Vista Shadow 1.0 32bit [vistashadow32bit.zip]6.93 KB
Vista Shadow Carbon 1.0 [vistashadowcarbon.zip]5.09 KB

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Not working in the opera


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ruslan11 wrote:
Not work[url=cialis][/url]ing in the opera

Yes, it is so.


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Not working in the opera

Which isnt the working one? I'm suspecting the PNG32 version.

I'm pretty sure that the PNG32 works with Opera since the dawn of time. Its IE6 that PNG renders incorrectly.
So, which version of Opera are you using; what is your OS;

The PNG32 is essentially the 'source', get it, manipulate in (program) and set the background to the background of your gallery.
Then export into ..say, .gif and rename the border file in the package from *.png to *.gif.

PNG isn't 100% supported in most old browsers. It is in newer ones, however my PNG8 bit project failed more or less, as it failed to render in most browsers, old and new alike. So, PNG32 works.. and you can allways use it and customise it with a set background color.

I was working on a Icon Pack/Set for Mincell's awesome Carbon, but I am most ashamed, i've run into alot of work commitments and could not finish the set. Hopefully one day I'll finish them, they are almost 85% done or so.

I'm sort of disgruntled that imageshack removed the image too. So i'll delete the image refernce, and if anyone has a screenshot of their gallery with this shadow (border) then i'll include it. Just PM me.

Otherwise this does, and should work with new browsers. Why your opera (verson 'x') doesnt work.. its most frustrating.
PNG has been around for quite some time!

- Brody

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If you put all the files into the right place then you can edit theme settings for any theme that uses image frames and click the "View Samples" link to see all image frames.