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Posted: Fri, 2006-07-28 05:06

Hi -

I have G2 + Wordpress 2 installed.

I installed the "Carbon" theme for G2, and the "Get-a-post" wordpress plugin (http://guff.szub.net/2005/01/27/get-a-post/).

I wanted to have this plugin on the front page of my gallery, to take the place of the text area on the left (where it says "Welcome to my gallery" on the carbon demo page: http://www.mincel.com/gallery/main.php)

I believe this is done somewhere in the "album.tpl" template, but I am not quite sure.

Does anyone know where I would add the code for this plugin to have it display on this page?


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Posted: Tue, 2008-02-19 07:21

have you solved the problem.
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Posted: Tue, 2008-02-19 22:01

Technically the only place you could do this was within the WPG2 Embedded Page as it is a Wordpress Page, you could setup the page to possibly use this plugin. You could not however do this within Gallery2 which is what the op was requesting..

Wordpress / Gallery2 (WPG2) Plugin, , WPG2 Documentation, WPG2 Demo

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Posted: Mon, 2008-03-10 03:03

thanks OZGREG for ur advise. i'll try tht.

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