local standalone windows application with embedded gallery2


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Posted: Fri, 2006-05-05 11:22

Just made a program for windows that is a wrapper for the xampp framework (includes apache, php) with an automated install and configuration on the fly. Also included the gallery2 into the installation with some configuration. There is a launcher to configure the local storage path of gallery2 so the user can select whenever directory wants. The launcher then starts the apache server and mysql (both configured to 9000, 9001 port, so no interface with existings installations) and then points the integraded explorer to localhost:9000, aka the gallery2 home page.

All this is like a standalone windows application. The user don't manualy configures nothing.

Main page of the myGallery:

Download here:


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I'm wondering if it's possible for you to send me the source code of this small program you created to have a one click install with Xampp. I want to create a small application myself, only thing I need is just like you a windows installer with the sourcecode of my website and the mysql db inside.
Could you also tell me how you did is? Is it easy? I'm not used to work with installshield etc, i just know how to develop websites.

Thanks a lot.


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nick_tg wrote:
Download here:

I'd also be interested in viewing the source code behind this.