Summer of Code Wrap-up (Success!)

This summer, Gallery participated in a program to essentially give students a paid internship with Open Source groups. Funded by Google, the (first) Summer of Code has completed successfully for not only Gallery, but each of the approximately 40 other groups. For two weeks students from around the world sent in proposals from our suggested projects, and ideas of their own. Gallery received nearly 300 applications, and each of our developers closely reviewed each in a week long triage process. We considered many factors, including the timeframe, necessity, usability, and feasibility, which eventually led us to our top selections. In choosing our candidates, we had very high expectations for the work to be completed, as these were top feature requests submitted by our users. The work done by these individuals would be directly related to the perceived quality of our product.

Although we would have loved to take many more, Gallery was allocated 12 students, and after many long discussions we chose our students. Although one of our selections disappeared shortly after we began, the other 11 students did a terrific job.

Below are the students and their respective projects with links to further information (by project, alphabetically):

  1. Project: AJAX
    Student: Ross Shannon
    Mentor: Jesse Mullan
    Description: An AJAX theme that looks and feels like a desktop application.
  2. Project: Downloadable Plugins
    Student: Jozef Selesi
    Mentor: Bharat Mediratta
    Description: An easy, built-in method of updating and downloading Gallery 2 content and modules.
  3. Project: Duplicate Image Detection
    Student: Aviad Tsherniak
    Mentor: Jay Rossiter
    Description: Automated detection of duplicate images, to save space and become more organized.
  4. Project: Flash Theme
    Student: Jeremy Despain
    Mentor: Robert Balousek
    Description: A theme that uses Flash to give the Gallery a new interface.
  5. Project: Hidden Items
    Student: Jess Martin
    Mentor: Jay Rossiter
    Description: New security features to broaden the options for your Gallery using passwords and other mechanisms.
  6. Project: Integration User Synchronization Module
    Student: Mike Classic
    Mentor: Andy Staudacher
    Description: A unified way to synchronize existing users between Gallery and other applications.
  7. Project: Picasa 2 Import
    Student: Waldemar Schlackow
    Mentor: Christian Mohn
    Description: A module to allow Picasa 2 Galleries to be imported into your Gallery 2.
  8. Project: RSS
    Student: Jonatan Heyman
    Mentor: Robert Balousek
    Description: Easy, customizable RSS feeds of various information from your Gallery website.
  9. Project: XMLRPC
    Student: Chris Schwerdt
    Mentor: Chris Kelley
    Description: New methods of communication for your Gallery in the backend.
  10. Project: XMLRPC
    Student: John Kelley
    Mentor: Chris Kelly
    Description: New methods of communication for your Gallery in the backend.
  11. Project: Zen Cart Integration
    Student: Michael Rodriguez-Torrent
    Mentor: Andy Staudacher
    Description: A module that allows Zen Cart users to sell their photos from Gallery.

During the 8 weeks for SoC, we used various techniques to ensure the students were on a path to success. Along with weekly meetings, students were required to complete assigned tasks, and status updates. Our meetings were used to have open discussions between all the mentors and students, to make sure we all had a good vision of where our projects were headed. Students were also required to meet deadlines at which time their code was reviewed. All code was required to meet our standards for formatting, unit test completion, and to accomplish the assigned task in a reasonable and efficient manner.

We are excited to announce that each of our students have succeeded in finishing their projects! The team, the students, and any volunteers that wish to participate will soon be working on integrating each of these into the Gallery 2 code base. Jozef's downloadable modules system is already in CVS and will definitely make it into the Gallery 2.1 release. The current source for each can be found on gallery-contrib, although each was built on an older version of Gallery 2 and may no longer be compatible.

The Gallery team has learned a lot from this experience, and enjoyed working with Google and the students on these fantastic projects. We look forward to future Summer of Codes, and can only imagine the types of exciting projects students will accomplish next time.

So I'm assuming that the RSS module is the one that disappeared? Sad, because that's the one I was most interested in using. :-(

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That is not the case at all, the creator simply did not create the final description as the other students did.

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Its right there:

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I would like to try the AJAX theme. What's the best way to get it on Windows?

It must be me but I cant download the cvs for this using tortoisecvs. I'm keen to see the flash theme. Does anyone have it as a zip that they could email to me?

Huge thanks if you do


It's so great! I was looking for a oscommerce/zen cart integration for so long. I just can't wait the packaged release and download/install mine from CVS. Is there way to get some help (like set up a forum for SOC) or I could contact author as I have some problem to get it run.

Thanks fro the terrific work!

Hi there! Please try the initial packaged release of the Zen Cart integration and take a look at the module details and instructions as well. Give it a shot and post any bugs you find in the module development forum with as much detail as you can muster (what you did leading up to the error, the exact error message, etc.). Good luck!

Hey aaron, I've problem with downloading tortoisecvs cvs, did you resolved it ?