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I just downloaded and installed Gallery2 and I have everything working.
One thing I don't understand is how to get the "slideshow (non-full screen mode)" working in an embedded way. What I mean is that when I select the slideshow link, it takes me to another empty page where the slideshow is running with no problems. However I don't see any of the headers or footers or even any of the links. I don't know if this is the default behavior or if I need to make some changes in the code to get slideshow to show up in "embedded" form. Can someone help with this? I've tried searching the entire forum but I didn't see anything.


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Posted: Fri, 2005-09-30 08:11

i don't quite understand what you mean. so i visited you website and saw that you're using the PG theme.
what do you mean with embedded?

could we discuss this with the matrix theme?

and if you go to the matrix theme slideshow page, there's a lot of <head> (js) stuff content.


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I integrated slideshow in my overall slide design:

I guess it depends on how you integrate G2 in the rest of your site. As I understand, there are two methods:
(1) you can "embed" G2 in you site; I have no experience with this method, but there are some How To or FAQ in the documentation section.
(2) you can modify the theme.tpl file, add (or modify existing) header and footer block in that file (you can write normal HTML), play around with the theme.css file, and make the G2 part look alike the rest of you site. That's how I did it. Read this "How To"

So now what you want to do is to integrate the slideshow in the look-and-feel you have designed in the theme.tpl for the other pages (album and photo view). The problem is caused by the "useFullScreen" test. Some modules can request the full screen, and slideshow is one of these. But, this is not really neccessary for slideshow to run. In the theme.tpl file, you will find the block

      {if $theme.useFullScreen}
	{include file="gallery:`$theme.moduleTemplate`" l10Domain=$theme.moduleL10Domain}

I moved this block down the page, within a "content" div, where also the calls to the other .tpl (album.tpl, photo.tpl, ...) are made; so below your customized html for the header and navbar, which means that slideshow will run with the same header as the rest of your pages.

For more info on other modifications I made on the slideshow module, read this post:


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I guess I should explain littler further. I've changed my theme to Matrix so you can look at the site.

- I installed, Gallery2 with default settings with no changes to any files.
- I created couple of albums and uploaded few photo's to test it all out.
- I activated, slideshow module.
- When I look at the entire gallery2 site on main page, albums page, and photo's page, I notice all the header's and footer's as well as all the standard links.
- Now when I navigate to the photo's page and hit the "Slideshow" link to activate the slideshow. It takes me to the slideshow page and the slideshow starts. But I don't see any of the header's, footer's, or any of the standard links (i.e. Login, Main Gallery, etc.).
- I just see a plain Slideshow page. If I want to go back to the gallery, I have to hit the back button but no other way to navigate.

What I noticed, on lot of demo pages and a lot of other sites where people have used Gallery2, is a slideshow page that's nicely formatted with headers, footer's, and links just like all the other pages within gallery.

So when I asked embedded question, I was referring to that.

Thanks for the response. Nice site. I'll have to look at the links once I get gallery up and running and configured how I want it to look. I'll make my modifications after that.

Thanks for your help.


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Posted: Fri, 2005-09-30 13:54

When you click on stop in the slideshow, you go back to the gallery. For embedding, see my previous post.


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Posted: Fri, 2005-09-30 16:26

OK thanks. I see that when I click on stop it takes me back to the gallery. That's awesome...

As for the way slideshow looks, do I modify the "Slideshow.tpl" file and add in the header & footer sections defined in "theme.tpl" so that I get the same look as rest of gallery when the page switches to slideshow mode?



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Posted: Mon, 2005-10-03 08:21

dondada, I did not modify the slideshow.tpl for the looks. As explained in my post above, I modified the theme.tpl file and bypassed the "useFullscreen" test by putting it within the content block (below the header section).