Is the G3 database compatible with G2 for rollback?


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Posted: Fri, 2014-07-25 07:41

Hi there

I'm currently running a POC G3 install on Windows. As I understand G3 on Windows is not officially supported.

My problem is that people have started populating the G3 instance - and I would like to know, if I choose to
stick with G2, can I do an export of G3 content and structure to G2, or perhaps hook up the G3 database to
a fresh install of G2?

Many thanks!


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Posted: Fri, 2014-07-25 22:49

Short answer: No, not that I'm aware of (at least not directly).

You could zip the var/albums folder and upload it to a G2 instance to populate images and preserve folder structure, but you'd lose any manually entered descriptions, etc. (I assume view counts don't matter much since you've just started anyhow.)


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Posted: Wed, 2014-07-30 08:43

Thanks for the reply. *thumbs up*