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Posted: Thu, 2012-05-31 03:45

Fotomoto is a service that allows you to sell prints of your photos through your web site. While Fotomoto does provide an official module ( ) I find that it lacks certain features that I feel are important (like the ability to have their site automatically retrieve high resolution photos for printing) and I have thus made my own module.

This module installs like any other module -- extract the fotomotorw folder from the attached .zip file and upload it to the gallery/modules directory on your web server. Afterwards log in as an admin and activate it from the modules page (it shows up as "Fotomoto (rWatcher)" to distinguish it from the official module).

Once it's activated, select Admin -> Settings -> Fotomoto to configure the module. You will need to sign up for an account on Fotomoto's web site and enter the site key they give you onto the module's configuration page. The module will then display a few links underneath photos for buying prints and stuff. You can control which links are displayed from the module's configuration page.

This module will also display a "Buy Prints" option on the Options menu for photo thumbnails.

If you want to have Fotomoto automatically retrieve high resolution photos when orders are placed, you will need to configure this on their web site. Instructions for doing so are at the bottom of the module's configuration page.

Security Notice: This module creates secondary URL's for accessing a photo's resize and fullsize images based on database id. These URL's are publicly viewable, regardless of what security settings may be in place for a photos album. This allows Fotomoto to access them even if the album requires a user to be logged in in order to view it or if the view full size permission is not available to everyone.
For the fullsize image URL I've set up a random string of characters (generated when the module is installed so everyone's is different) to help obscure the location of this URL. This random string of characters can be reset at any time from the module's configuration screen (you'll need to manually update the auto-pickup settings in your Fotomoto account if you do so).
For the resize URL I've incorporated the photos upload date/time into the URL to try and make them more unique and harder to guess -- this way you'll need to know both the database id number of a photo and the exact time it was uploaded in order to access the resized version from the public fotomoto url. I think this should make it incredibly difficult to "guess" the fotomoto url to any photo that users are required to be logged in in order to view. However, should anyone manage to guess the URL, they would then be able to see the photo, even if their account doesn't allow them access. Keep this in mind if you decide to use this module.

This module has been tested with Gallery 3.0.3, using the Wind and Clean Canvas themes. Please report any issues to me.

Update (11 June 2012):
- Modified the resize URL's to make use of the photo's individual uploaded date/time stamp for additional security.
- Added "Buy Prints" link to photo thumbnails.

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Posted: Thu, 2012-05-31 12:56

Thank you for the contribution!


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Thanks for the module. On my g3 install:

Version: 3.0.4 (Ricochet)
Operating system: Linux 2.6.18-028stab099.3
Apache: Unknown
PHP: 5.3.19
MySQL: 5.5.28-cll
Graphics toolkit: imagemagick
Wind Theme

the links appear but do nothing on click.
the regular fotomoto module works fine. But as you said it retrieves the resize and not the high quality.