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Posted: Wed, 2011-01-12 19:05

Just some ramblings about my "ideal" photo software.

I am a long time user of gallery (1, 2 and 3 that I have recently installed) and although I do like this software very much, I wouldn't say that it's really the system I would dream of to manage my photos ;) ...

After 10 years taking digital photos (and a few more taking paper ones very partially scanned), I now have 20 000+ pictures that I manage using f-spot and sometimes publish on the web using one of the versions of gallery and even if f-spot has a nice gallery uploader I would much prefer to use only a single tool to manage my photo archive.

I have tried to do both photo archiving and publishing using gallery when I started to take digital pictures but that didn't really scale and I saw rapidly that storage and display are different things and that you often want to reuse the same pictures in different albums.

To me, the ideal system would clearly separate these two features.

Photos would be uploaded to a kind linear storage where they would be classified by date with tags (including geo tags) to help to find what you're looking for like you can do with f-spot and another layer would let you create albums picking pictures from the storage.

Is that something that has been considered by the Gallery team (or better, is that already possible) or that just a personal view?



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Posted: Wed, 2011-01-12 19:52
I wouldn't say that it's really the system I would dream of to manage my photos ;) ...

Because it's not intended for that. No version of Gallery has been. Gallery is not photo management software. It's main purpose is "your photos on your website" to share your photos with friends and family on your website.

f-spot, lightroom, bibble, picasa all do a much better job of managing photos
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Posted: Wed, 2011-01-12 23:24

I agree strongly with nivekiam that G3 is not digital asset management (DAM) software. If you are on Windows I recommend iMatch.

That said, the idea of using an uploaded image in multiple albums is appealing, rather than uploading multiple times. When you click on a tag, you see the the thumbs of all the images with that tag, but you can't view them as if they were in a virtual album, can you? Is 'virtual albums' on the development path?