Gallery 3.0.7 security release available

Gallery 3.0.7 is now available! Yes, we were hoping that 3.0.6 would be the last release in the 3.0 line.. but thanks to Dhiraj Ranka and Shad Laws (a new Gallery core developer - woot!) we've uncovered two small security vulnerabilities that we'd like to patch up, because safety first! Please go ahead and update to 3.0.7 and then sit back and enjoy while we work hard behind the scenes to get 3.1 ready for you.


  • two small security fixes

Upgrading Gallery 3

Upgrading is really easy! Unpack the new version, move the var/ directory of the old version to the new version's folder and then either browse to: or at a shell prompt: php index.php upgrade For more detailed upgrade instructions, please refer to the Gallery 3 User Guide

Got feedback?

If you have any overall feedback, please visit the Gallery 3.0.7 Feedback forum topic and let us know! If you have questions, please visit the Gallery 3 Wiki, the home for Gallery 3 documentation.


Never had Problems with upgrade, but this time it happened. Upgrading Gallery Core Module failed:

Exception [ 0 ]: @todo MODULE_FAILED_TO_UPGRADE

MODPATH/gallery/helpers/module.php[ 250 ]

245 "version_before" => $version_before,
246 "version_after" => $version_after)));
247 }
249 if ($version_after != $available->$module_name->code_version) {
250 throw new Exception("@todo MODULE_FAILED_TO_UPGRADE");
251 }
252 }
254 /**
255 * Activate an installed module. This will call <module>_installer::activate() which should take

Can i do something to get it work again?


OK, just fixed it. You forgot to rise Version number in Gallery module info file.

I've updated but now the maintenance page is blank. I purged the task table but that didn't make a difference. I do I get the page back?

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Brenda Grantland

I have tried twice to upgrade from Gallery3.0.2 to 3.0.7 and both times it has scrambled the images together, and I had to restore my old version.

My gallery installation is at InMotion Hosting, as part of the Softaculous package. IMH has an upgrade interface that usually works very well.

I just tried upgrading by clicking on the link at the top of the screen of my gallery installation after signing in, and got an error message. Exception [0]: @todo MODULE_FAILED_TO_UPGRADE

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and both times it has scrambled the images together

most likely a theme issue where the theme you are using is not up to date. Start a new thread after tying the default wind theme.
Trouble shooting issues are hard to follow in a news story.

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For the scrambeled Images: Yes, i had same Problem. I used winmerge to merge changes from default theme into the theme i use (brownywind) and it worked again. For the other error: Exception...
I think the Problem is still the same i described above:

OK, just fixed it. You forgot to rise Version number in Gallery module info file.

Can we already try the Gallery 3.1 ? :)

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Thank you both. It has been so long since I had to upgrade Gallery that I forgot the steps, and foolishly just clicked the Softaculous link to upgrade. I have made a number of modifications, and forgot that I will have to remod Gallery after each upgrade. I also forgot to back up the .htaccess and php.ini files just before upgrading, and now I have to figure out which version of the previous backup files I have stored on my computer are the correct ones.

This time I'm going to write up step by step instructions on how to prepare for and remod after a software upgrade. Fortunately, last time I upgraded I created a special directory in my backup drive and stored only the files that needed to be copied over the default files in a special directory just for remodding after an upgrade.

Rarazor - thanks for the tip. I found the file and I'll modify that after I reinstall the upgrade - if the Softaculous upgrader doesn't do it automatically.

You guys are the best! I use several other Softaculous products on my site, and the others don't have such useful documentation or forum support.

Brenda Grantland