Gallery 2.0 Released!

We are incredibly pleased to announce the release of Gallery 2.0! Over three years of design and development have gone into creating the best online photo management product possible. Gallery 2.0 is the natural successor to Gallery 1, and we hope that you like what you see. Don't wait, download Gallery 2 now!

If you haven't seen it before, we've assembled some Gallery 2 screen shots that you can look at, hosted in a version of Gallery 2 that's embedded in this Drupal based website. For other examples of the cool things that you can do with Gallery 2, you can check out just a few of the demo sites that users have created and posted in our forums. Especially check out the highlights to get an idea of what you can do with Gallery 2's powerful theming system.

While Gallery 2 is a very feature complete photo management system, it still lacks a few of the features found in Gallery 1. However, Gallery 2's modular design will let us quickly catch up and provide you with everything that you need. To get an idea of the Gallery 2 feature list, and how it stacks up with Gallery 1, you should read the Gallery 1 vs. Gallery 2 Celebrity Deathmatch article in the Gallery Codex.

If you're a Gallery 1 user, we recommend that you install Gallery 2 side-by-side with your existing gallery, and then use the migration tool to import all of your data into Gallery 2. This won't affect your Gallery 1 at all, and if you're happy with what you see you can switch over permanently. We even offer a way for you to preserve all your old Gallery 1 urls so that your transition is seamless.

If you're upgrading from an older version of Gallery 2, all you need to do is unpack the new version on top of whatever you already have and then point your browser at your Gallery and follow the instructions. If you're installing Gallery 2 for the first time, you should be sure to read the README for instructions. Upgrading is pretty straight forward, but if you're interested you should read the What's New section of the README.

We hope that you enjoy using Gallery 2, and if you have problems, ideas, feature suggestions, or just want to chat about it please do not hesitate to come talk to us in the Gallery 2 Forums!

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WooHoo!!! Great work guys and gals!!

first post ;-)

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Hip Hip - Hurray !!!

Congratulation to the team. You've done a great job!


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Proud and pleased to be a part of this. Now let's work on 2.1 ;-)

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I am currently working on a theme for G2 and I hope it gains more themes and features fast. Having seen some code for themeing purposes I know this system is a good one!!

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a big thanks to all the devs and testers! i'll have something for you guys come Christmas season. =)

the install took 3 minutes tops. prepping it up with the modules i wanted to use took about 15 minutes. adding photos through Windows XP's web publishing wizard was a snap. with my 2mbps FIOS upload speed, i was able to post a few thousand pictures in just hours. thanks to on-the-fly resizing, saving precious server load and storage space. even grandma and grandpa can use it! =)

looking forward to a Gallery 2 Theme contest. let's get ready to rrrrrrrumblllllllllllle!!!!

You guys are awesome!!! Really, G2 is the best G-spot I've ever seen on the web!

Keep up the great work and thank you soooo much!

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Though not the FIRST post - heres (another) one that congratulates with the good work (and then I am off to the DL section!!!)

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WOO HOOO!! Thanks for all the hard work guys!

I am very impressed with the progress made since the Alpha 4 version of G2!

It took me about 45 seconds to update from G2-RC2, it is the fastest upgrade I have ever seen!

I also think that speed was increased from the RC2 version... Is it due to my server or to tweaks made in the 1.0 core version?

Thanks to the whole team... You have made a gallery which is as good as commercial ones!

Thank you for your tireless effort on a great product. I first started using Gallery when G2 was a far-off dream, and I have been more and more pleased with all the development I've seen. I was stunned to find G2 being "done," though RC2 has been a wonderful system - I can't wait to see how you've "finalized" everything!

Excellent news - It's been a fantastic product from the early beta stage but been looking forward to the final release :)

Thank you to everyone involved!! :)

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being a member to the website for 1 year and 43 weeks now :-) and using gallery a little longer i must say that the final release absolutely rocks. i've been using the g2 betas on my website for several weeks but this final version is the first ever gallery version that didn't run me into some problems when upgrading - which sometimes lasted for days before i was able to solve them...
thanks' a lot guys - the best gallery ever - now even better than best!

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Version 2.0-1 of the Debian gallery2 package was uploaded on Tuesday, September 13, 2005 and should be available in Debian unstable after the archive run completes in the afternoon (EST) of Tuesday, September 13, 2005.

Debian gallery package maintainer

Yay! we love it.
Joseph Elwell.

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I smell something burning...

oh wait, it's just the Gallery servers... :)

Congratulations to all, great thanks for a fantastic job of work!


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Congratulations on this new release!

Now I will only hope for it to be integrated with PostNuke so I can test it on my site.

*wishes, wishes*

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Last I checked, the postnuke integration development had ended quite a while ago. Not sure if anyone has picked it up...

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Nobody has, it seems :(

Wooo hooo!! CONGRATS to all!! Great job!!


Piece of Cake! Upgrading from kthxbye took a few minutes, and the only cleanup I had to do was "configure" the URL mod_rewrite module by installing it again through the Site Admin modules control panel! Thanks!

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Congratulations. I think this is an exceptional piece of sw and I have to commend the team for the dedication to quality.


great stuff.. downloaded it last night and already up and running :)

very nice! looking forward to seeing what else it can do.

good work guys!

I've been using Gallery 1.4, skinned to match my b2evolution blog, for almost a year now. I upgraded to Gallery 2 last night and I was really impressed with how smooth the upgrade and migration went. Keep up the good work.

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This is great final release. I've been using this during the betas and have had zero problems. We have also been able to integrate this into Mambo. However, we have several migrations going on at this time.

1. Gallery2 (beta) to Gallery2 (final)
2. Mambo to Joomla
3 Our old template to a new template.

Just recently we have migrate to Joomla with Gallery2 integrated. We are working on some issues but should have no problem like the rest of the gallery projects.

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Great Job!!

Thanks for all the hard work.

This the best website and scripts that I have never seen before..Thank for Gallery team.. The best of the best best.!!!!!!!!!! sheer.. I used Gallery 1.5 for my site and will install Gallery2 later.
keep on hard working, one day time will give you award!

Supat Sutti and elephant

The website looks very pretty.

My main problem with Drupal and this is from a photographer's point of view, is that posting images along with articles is not that easy. One has to leave the article module and go to an image module, upload an image there and then go back to the text module and refer to the image from there. It's counter intuitive, it just makes one not to want to post pictures with their articles.

If someone is using the Gallery they would probably also want to use a PhotoBlog. The easiest blogs for photographers IMHO are Pivot and Moveable Type. They let you upload an image without leaving the article composition area and they will also resize it for you. Pivot will even let you crop it.

Otherwise Drupal is a great CMS and hopefully through its new relationship with the Gallery team, it will become a bit more image friendly.

It is great to know that "gallery" has come up with version 2. Many new features, many new innovations. But its really disappointing to see that gallery v2 has no support for flat file database. Dependency only on real databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL is bad. There are many users like me who don't prefer using a real database.

Is it that difficult to have flat file database support into gallery v2 ? Can we have it back ?


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We would need to have a flat file database that supports a fairly complex query language (in this case, SQL). It's possible that we can use SQLite though, which is a fast and lightweight database that would probably fit your needs. There hasn't been a huge demand for it though, so it has not been high on our priority list. If SQLite does what you want, add a feature request and we'll get to it when we can.