Making Money in Europe with fotokasten and Gallery2

Gallery has several printing affiliates, but many of them are in the Unites States. fotokasten is based out of German and provides our European Gallery 2 admins a way to make money off of their websites. through their free "Partnerprogram." Below is their story about their service and their current promotion!

fotokasten allows European Gallery administrators to set your own prices and products, and keep most of the profit. fotokasten has been providing a profit-making e-commerce solution to the Gallery community for the last two years – giving thousands of dollars in profits to Gallery administrators. Read more to learn how other Gallery users are making money with fotokasten.

Gallery administrators set their own prices and select from nearly 100 print & gift items that they wish to offer. fotokasten provides the shopping cart, processing, fulfillment, delivery and customer service. The only thing you have to do is installing your Gallery2, getting your photos organized and configure the fotokasten module in your site administration.

Make more money - keep 90% of the share!

fotokasten is running a very profitable revenue share model for Gallery2 users. Gallery fotokasten Module users will receive 90% of their Profit. This is just perfect for amateur or commercial photographers and for event photographers.

Here is an example of an order:

For our model: (YourProductPrice - fotokastenProductPrice) * 0.9 = YourBrokerage

A 13 x 18 print which you would like to sell for 1 EUR: ( 1 EUR - 0,49 EUR ) * 0.9 = 0.46 EUR profit directly to you. Shipment is not included in the brokerage.

The bigger part of proceeds will therefore be directly distributed to you. Please note that irrespective of this fotokasten always remunerates you at least 7% of the turnover as brokerage. Should you therefore take on the fotokasten branch prices, you are provided a brokerage of 7%.

Key benefits

  • set your own price
  • choose your products
  • define your own CSS-layout for personalized checkout
  • keep 90% of the revenue share
  • it's for free and easy to configure

3 easy steps until easily earning money

Step one: Install Gallery2 on your website and activate the fotokasten plugin.

Step two: Visit the registration form at fotokasten.

Step three: After being activated through fotokasten you'll receive further information, the IDs for the Gallery2 plugin and login data.

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